Professional Body Shop

With four shop-floor technicians able to repair everything from minor bumps or scraps to major frame damage back to factory condition, DeWolfe Autobody is able to take on the toughest jobs and finish them on time and on budget. Contact us today for your heavy collision repair work.

Skilled Technicians

Our state of the art facility is capable of handling any and all heavy collision damage to your vehicle. With access to parts for every vehicle on or off the road and a frame rack on hand for major realignments, no job is too large for DeWolfe Autobody.

We also handle air conditioner recharging, allowing us to get your vehicle back to the way you need it in no time at all.

DeWolfe Autobody & Towing: Skilled Techs

Environmentally Friendly

DeWolfe Autobody is proud to use the Sikkens Autowave waterborne paint system to create factory perfect paint jobs and repairs to your vehicle. Unlike traditional paint systems which use solvent-based coatings to apply paint to a vehicle, the Sikkens Autowave uses a water-based system which releases no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere – making each and every paint job we do a better thing for the planet.

DeWolfe Autobody & Towing: Enviromnentally Friendly

Factory Perfect Paint Work

DeWolfe Autobody has a modern, state of the art paint facility for providing factory perfect, OEM quality paint jobs and repairs to vehicles. By using the latest in water-borne paint systems not only are we able to provide you with an environmentally friendly paint job – but you can rest easy knowing that you have the same (or better!) quality paint on your vehicle as it did when it rolled off the factory line.

DeWolfe Autobody & Towing: Factory Perfect